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NCD Result Guides (NRGs)

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Cycle Manual

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Church Survey a/c log-in

Click here to log into your already existing NCD Church Survey account.

Producing the Profile and Reports

Once you have an NCD Church Survey account opened, the Survey participants have completed the Survey, and the Pastor’s/Facilitator’s Form is filled in, you are ready to input the results, produce the profile, and produce the reports.

Detailed instructions are available by clicking here.  Please note: the online system replaced the earlier Excel spreadsheet process in early 2012.

You are ready to input the results if you have the Survey responses, the Pastor’s/Facilitator’s Form and have opened an NCD Church Survey account.  You will need the two Tokens to complete the process, but you can start inputting the results immediately.  You can leave and return to the Incomplete Surveys if you are unable to finish putting all the results in at one sitting.

1) Log into your NCD Church Survey account

2) Click on “My NCD Surveys” in the yellow box on the right

3) Enter Survey Data – this will result in the option to “spend” the first Token thereby producing the basic profile.  A few minutes later, you will receive notification when the profile is ready for viewing.  Then you may proceed to the next step, creating the NCD Result Guides (NRGs)

4) If this is your first NCD Survey, or the first since 2007, you will include only the one profile when you create the report variation called NCD Result Guides

a) you can include up to four (4) profiles as long as they are after 2007 – when the Survey questions were changed

b) you will “spend” the second Token when you create the NRGs (report guides)

c) the ProfilePlus report has been replaced by the Status Guide which is included in the NRGs suite of guides.