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Open an NCD Church Survey Account

Processing Surveys and reports online

To process Survey results through the NCD Church Survey online system, you will need an account opened by NCD Canada. This account will be opened in the name of the person administering the Survey and entering the data, or the pastor, depending on your instructions provided below.

USING THE BRIEF REQUEST FORM AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE, please provide the information and submit to NCD Canada so we can create the account.

Once your account is opened, you will receive an automated message, usually within 24 hours (if you do not receive the automated confirmation, please check your junk-mail folder). The automated message will provide a link for a one-time access to your account. Once you have changed the password, you will be able to input the Pastor’s/Facilitator’s Form and the participants’ responses (usually 30).  Participants can use their phones, tablets or computers to provide their responses or they can use the traditional paper Survey Form.  Your Church has the option of all paper, all online, or a hybrid of online and paper.  All you need to invite online participants is their names and email addresses.

Upon completing the input of the Survey responses, you will be asked to save them in the system.  Then you will be able to create your basic profile as well as the reports called NCD Survey Results Guides (NRGs).  THIS IS A TWO-STEP PROCESS:

You will need two Tokens to process your results.  The first Token is “spent” when you say yes to completing the initial profile.  The second Token is “spent” when you create the report variation called NCD Result Guides (NRGs).  It is important that you include previous profiles (2007 or later, to a maximum of four profiles) when you are creating the NRGs so you can monitor progress.  For more about these steps, click here.

Your fee includes the forms, the Tokens and the reports and you will be invoiced when we issue the Tokens

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