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NCD Cycle (Process)

NCD has developed a process with six phases to deal with the results of the Survey and issues that it raises. The Cycle has not changed, however, the stand-alone NCD Cycle Manual has been replaced by instructions imbedded in the respective Result Guides.

Perceive: we are always perceiving what’s going on, so you are already in this phase even if you haven’t conducted an NCD Church Survey

Test: we conduct the NCD Church Survey to add objectivity to our perceptions

Understand: this is where the results are discussed and analyzed with the objective of naming barriers to all-by-itself growth potential that exists in the congregation.

Plan: once the issues are understood and prioritized, then an action-plan can be developed to remove the barriers

Do: executing the plan – sticking with the plan

Experience: concurrent with the execution and following it, we observe changes, how God works differently, how we connect with one another differently

Perceive: back around to the perceive phase – where we try to see how our perceptions have changed, perhaps become clearer – our collective sense of what we have experienced and preparing for the next Survey to track changes … add objectivity.