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NCD Result Guides (NRGs)

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Download NCD Forms and Documents

The following documents are available for download.

NCD Survey Form (PDF format)

NCD Survey – Pastor’s Form (PDF format)

NCD Survey – Conducting the Survey Instructions 2015 (PDF format)

NCD Church Survey Online Processing Instructions 2015  (PDF format)

Note: Forms are also available in French, German, Italian, Chinese and other translations. Please contact us if you need these versions.

New to NCD?  Click here for a 21 page introduction booklet (version 4.1 revised June 2014).

Download the 99-page NCD Cycle Manual: ncd-cycle-manual-v1-2-jan-2009 (PDF format)

Download a PowerPoint presentation NCD Intro 09-14-13 (it is 11.9megs so may take awhile if you have a dial up connection).

More tools and resources at NCD International.