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How to get ready for the Survey, produce reports and use the findings

The NCD Church Survey is the original NCD “product” and is the tool that measures a church’s health or quality.

On the accompanying pages you can download the forms required to conduct the Survey, instructions for conducting the Survey, and guidelines for the process of reviewing the results, identifying issues, putting a plan in place to deal with the issues, and how to prepare to experience God – and possibly one another – differently as a result of your actions.

The Survey is conducted with 30 members of the congregation providing answers to 91 questions. These questions produce results that are statistically valid and reliable, and standardized to reflect the culture of the country and language.

The NCD Survey Results Guides (NRGs) cost $475 for each Survey cycle effective February 1, 2017.  This includes the Survey Forms, the Token for creating the profile, the Token for creating the NRGs, and a one-hour debrief over the phone with NCD Canada.

To analyze the results, identify issues, plan to deal with the issues and execute the plan, NCD has developed a six-phased cycle-process.