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OQM Organic Quality Management

Organic Quality Management Primer

Can Quality Be Measured?

The greatest challenge of the NCD study was to retain the basic essentials for a healthy church/organization. As a result of the research, eight essential areas emerged – eight principles that have proven to be valid in every organization in every place in the world. The research also proved that an organization must observe each of these principles if it wants to be healthy and maintain a high level of quality on a permanent basis.

The eight essential areas or principles are called “Quality Characteristics”. The description that follows may need to be modified slightly according to the type of organization concerned.

Quality Characteristic #1
Empowering Leadership – Are the leaders focused on equipping the workforce?

Quality Characteristic #2
Gift-oriented Assignment of Workers – Are tasks assigned based on the abilities and gifts of each staff member?

Quality Characteristic #3
Passionate Spirituality – Is the spirit of the organization characterized by passion?

Quality Characteristic #4
Effective Structures – Do the structures of the organization support the mission?

Quality Characteristic #5
Internalized Values and Culture – Is the organization unified and focused in purpose?

Quality Characteristic #6
Holistic Teams – Do the teams treat staff and volunteers as whole people?

Quality Characteristic #7
Convincing Lifestyle – Do the actions of the organization line up with its stated mission?

Quality Characteristic #8
Loving Relationships – Do personnel show appropriate love for each other?