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Larry Young of Christian Life Assembly says:

“I discovered NCD while doing a paper on church growth in college.  I came across Christian Schwarz’s initial book, ‘Natural Church Development’ and was eager to see it in action.  At that time I was on staff at a large….. ”  See more


Chris McMullen of Church of the Good Shepherd says:

“We discovered that our “Minimum Factor” at that time was “Need-Oriented Evangelism,” with a score of 19. The Minimum Factor is the lowest-scoring characteristic of eight on the NCD Church Survey.  “19” is a relatively low score, and the overall Survey score was 36…..”  See more


John Paul Westin, then rector of St Thomas’ Anglican Church says:

“In 2001 when I was, St Thomas’ new rector, we found ourselves in a stressful situation as we began our ministry together……” See more


Jenn Friesen of The Bridge Church says:

“I believe the concepts and principles of NCD were not well understood by our church leadership or our denomination when we started our NCD Journey in 2004…..” See more


Vijay Krishnan of The Upper Room Community Church says:

“The NCD Survey was a red flag that we cannont just be focused on bringing more people into the community, but also to the joy and well-being of those are the core, the ones tasked with serving the existing community at URCC”  See more