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Research, News & Events

Ongoing research continues into the best way to present the Survey results. Church leaders can zero in on their Maximum and Minimum Factors to catalyze the conversation about the root causes behind the issues revealed in the Survey. Watch here for newer versions of the NCD Result Guides coming in 2018.

Early research has commenced leading to the next book and test in the 3 Color Discipleship Series! The book about Effective Structures will have a corresponding Life Test and more information about the 3 Color Test related to the Growth Factors will be coming soon.

The most common Minimum Factor in the Canadian Church is Passionate Spirituality (25% of over 4,000 Surveys have this Minimum). Good news then, that the Spiritual Styles Test is online! This is the 3 Color Test that accompanies Christian A. Schwarz’s book published in 2009, The 3 Colors of Your Spirituality.

If you want to order Test Tokens for you, your small group, your leadership team, or your whole church to take the Test, click here.

To order copies of the book, click here.