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Christian Schwarz

NCD International

NCD International is the global leadership team

NCD Canada partners in ministry, as do all other national partners globally, with NCD International. The global leadership team includes anyone who is working across countries in the area of NCD – in other words, it is not an international corporation with headquarters in Germany.  Rather, it is a group of internationally connected leaders and practitioners who work with leaders and practitioners in several countries.

Christian Schwarz is the founder of NCD and leads the movement from his home-base in Germany and works closely with his colleague, Christoph Schalk, a German consultant with expertise in research, survey design, and organizational design.  Their other primary colleague is Adam Johnstone who is also the National Partner in Australia.  Adam and Christian work very closely on the development of new tools and resources for helping individuals, groups, congregations and denominations apply the growth principles leading to increased health and growth.  NCD Canada participates in the international ministry to some degree through testing and piloting new products and tools, and by providing communications strategy support.

Christian has worked with the Canadian Church several times over the last 15 years, most recently when he toured Moncton NB, Toronto ON and Edmonton AB to introduce the work, tests and new books related to Holistic Small Groups and Empowering Leadership.  Below are some of the most important things that he learned while working on the two projets.

Christian’s Key Learnings

In Christian’s own words, “There has never been a phase in my life in which I have learned more new and extremely enlightening things, than the last three years.” He is convinced that many of these learnings have the potential to move NCD churches forward.