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About NCD

People often struggle to define just what NCD is, primarily because it is a lot of things: it is a set of growth principles that exist in the universe, and they’re God’s growth principles more than they’re NCD’s.  But NCD is also the NCD Church Survey that measures the health – or quality – of a congregation against eight characteristics known to differentiate healthy growing churches from those in decline.  There is a growing array of books, tests and other content that explain the NCD paradigm, give practical ways to apply the principles, and how we can experience our Triune God more fully, more vibrantly, more completely.

NCD is also the practitioners across the world implementing NCD in their settings by using the NCD tools & resources to apply the principles and track growth – not just numeric growth which is to be expected when an organism is healthy – but spiritually, emotionally, financially … well, you get the picture.

For more information about the nature and workings of NCD

Please contact NCD Canada if you need more information about NCD or how it works in Canada.