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Personal & Team Coaching

3-cleadershipNCD Canada has developed a mutual mentoring process available to individuals. Based on an approach developed by Christian Schwarz participants enter into four 40-minute sessions where the first is covering their strengths, and the second covers their weaknesses. Participants are able to test their mentoring skills by focusing on the coach’s strengths and weaknesses in the third session. The final session explores what this can mean in the participant’s life, work, &/or ministry and explores how to develop a personal development plan.

Mutual Mentoring partners say the Test and Mutual Mentoring session unlock deep insights that are useful for becoming a more empowering leader, and that improvement in this area boosts the effectiveness of all areas of the person’s ministry, not just their leadership. Pairs of individuals are encouraged to enter into such mutual mentoring arrangements, especially pairs of leaders – even if one reports formally to the other. If you would like to experience how mutual mentoring works, you can enter into an arrangement with Bill Bickle as your partner. The four sessions cost $200 plus applicable taxes and require a detailed Empowerment profile.

Group profiles consolidate the profiles of a group of leaders and NCD Canada can enter into a four hour workshop or four one-hour team coaching sessions from these results. This is especially relevant for those working on development of a leadership team or wishing to augment other leadership development initiatives.