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3 Color Books, Tests & Workshops

There are a variety of resources available for personal, small group or congregational application of the growth principles. Christian Schwarz and the international NCD team are busy writing books and creating tools so people can apply the principles regardless of learning style – some want to read then apply, others want to jump right and take a test, then read later. Others want to read and test and discuss what they’re experiencing as they go.

Five of the books are written about the 8 Quality Characteristics and available through NCD Canada. Some of these books have leaders’ guides and all include a 3 Color Test to see where you’re at, and indication of your growing edge. Some of the 3 Color Tests are online and Test Tokens are available to access these tests. Most of the online Tests have, or will have soon, group profiles available.

NCD Canada leads workshops for churches and larger groups on each of the books in the 3 Color Discipleship Series.