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Spiritual Styles Workshop

Based on the theory and the Spiritual Styles Test included in the book, The 3 Colors of Your Spirituality, this workshop is a fun way for a small or large group to explore how people most naturally connect with God and how they can learn from one another, especially from those with styles on opposite ends of the spectrum. The first section of the four-hour workshop covers the main theory and understanding of the various spiritual styles, or, the way people most naturally connect with God. Participants then complete the Test and score themselves against thousands of others from all over the globe to learn their most natural way of connecting with God, their spiritual mother-tongue. Participants are then teamed up with someone with the ‘opposite style’ with whom they can begin dialogue, or ‘mutual mentoring’. This is the beginning of learning from others in the community about other styles, and starting down the road to spiritual growth. Contact NCD Canada if you are considering a Spiritual Styles Workshop.

Contact NCD Canada to find a trainer for the workshop, order books for participants, or obtain the slides to deliver the workshop yourself.