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3 Color Tests

Each of the books in the 3 Color Discipleship Series, The 3 Colors of Your Gifts, The 3 Colors of Love, The 3 Colors of Your Spirituality, The 3 Colors of Community, and The 3 Colors of Leadership, have an associated Test to determine a person’s capacity in the area, and where to focus for ongoing growth.

So, for instance, if you or one of your people wants to discern their gifting, there is a 3 Color Gift Test that accompanies The 3 Colors of Your Gifts. Similarly, there is a Spiritual Styles Test to determine one’s most natural way of connecting with God, that accompanies The 3 Colors of Your Spirituality.

Of the five 3 Color Tests, the only one still to be digitalized is the Gifts of the Spirit Test associated with The 3 Colors of Love. The Communal Test and the Spiritual Styles Test, while available online, also remain included in the respective book-resource. The Gift Test and the Empowerment Test can be taken online only, both including feedback from others. The Gift Test has a self-evaluation component in addition to the 360 feedback, while the Empowerment Test is exclusively developed from the confidential feedback of others.

All five Tests have Group Profiles available, and these are ideal for small groups and/or leadership teams that want to grow as individuals, and as a team, and as a team supporting one another. Some of the Group Profiles can be produced automatically and
some require manual intervention.

Finally, each of the five Tests has a corresponding workshop that can be provided by NCD Canada. In some cases, Coaches have licensed the workshop materials to lead the workshops themselves.