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3 Color Tests ONLINE

The Gift, Community and Empowerment Tests can all be produced in group profiles, a highly effective approach to leadership development.

Empowerment TestDiscover and maximise your hidden leadership potential.

Will help you learn the art of empowering other people, by discovering and maximizing your hidden leadership potential.
You will ask at least two people to provide confidential feedback on your leadership and empowerment. Your Empowerment Profile will be produced showing where you land against six sets leadership principles, and the area requiring your attention next, and for the most impact.


To take the Empowerment Test, click here. To order Test-Tokens.


Gift TestWould you like to use your spiritual gifts to their full potential?

3-cleadershipWill help you discern the spiritual gifts given to you through God’s grace, and for the good of the Body of Christ. In fact, one could argue that the gifts have been given to the Body, not specifically to you!

You will complete a detailed Test and ask at least two other people to provide confidential feedback, to produce a Gift Profile that includes material for learning more about your gifts and how to use them.

To take the 3 Color Gift Test, click here. To order Test Tokens, click here.



Spiritual Style TestHow do you most naturally connect with God?

Will help you discover how you most naturally connect with God. It will also show you other ways to connect with God, to assist your spiritual growth. This is exclusively a self-evaluation, and requires no feedback from others.

Your Spiritual Styles Profile will be produced from a detailed Test, and will include material to help you work on new and meaningful ways to connect with God.

To take the 3 Spiritual Test, click here. To order Test Tokens, click here.



Communal TestWhat is your greatest potential contribution to community?

Will help you determine your greatest spiritual energy, and how you can leverage it to make your best contribution to the growth of community, that is, a small group. It will also reveal your most likely areas of temptation should you use your spiritual energy for yourself rather than community.

You will complete a detailed Test and produce a Communal Profile including material for learning more about your energy and how to use it.

To take the Communal Test, click here. To order Test-Tokens.