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3 Colors of Life Research
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3 Color Tests

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Below are three Tests you can complete online. The Gift Test and the Community Test can both be completed online or on paper from the respective book. The Empowerment Test can be completed only online because it involved 360 feedback from at least two of your friends, colleagues or other people you empower and/or lead.

Group reports: groups can obtain consolidated reports from the Gift Test or and Empowerment Tests. Contact NCD Canada if your group could benefit from seeing a macro view of its strengths and weaknesses – ideal for leadership retreats and forward planning!

Gift Test

The Gift Test will help you understand the gifts God has given to you by His grace, and for the good of the Body. In fact, one could argue that the gifts have been give to the Body, not specifically to you! You will complete a detailed gift-profile and learn about using your gifts.

Groups and whole congregations often use the 3 Color Gift Test to assess the group’s direction, as a discernment tool prior to programming decisions.


Communal Test

The Communal Test will help you understand the God-given energies you have, and how they can best be used for the growing of community. It will also bring insight into how these energies are the same ones that sometimes give you drive, and sometimes almost seem to overpower you.

For example, if your primary energy is for Power, your best contribution to the building up of community is to em-power others. The flip side is that if you use this energy for your own gain rather than for the community’s, you are highly vulnerable to the sin of Pride.


In addition to the immediate feedback, You will receive practical steps that will allow you to release spiritual power.

Empowerment Test

Regardless of your position or even if you don’t have people reporting to you, you can become a more empowering leader. Our research in over 65,000 churches world-wide proves that empowering and leading need to go hand in hand for health and growth — of individuals, of groups, and of whole congregations.

The Empowerment Test will tell you if you are evenly balanced in leading and empowering, or if you need to develop one “wing” more than the other.

This will be broken down across six principles of leadership and six corresponding principles of empowerment, as in the graphic below.


In addition to the immediate feedback, You will receive practical steps you can take to progress very quickly as a more empowering leader.

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