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Welcome to NCD Canada!

NCD is a movement of practitioners using an evolving array of tools, resources and processes to apply God’s organic growth principles to release the all-by-itself growth-potential in their midst. In other words, it’s people being God’s people and trying to draw closer to the three persons of the Triune God. There are underlying principles of growth that apply, we can understand them, we can apply them, and we can encounter more of God as we do so. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your mind and all your will – and all three with all of your strength.  And love one another as you love yourself.

The NCD paradigm and growth principles never change, but the tools and resources to help people, groups and congregations apply the principles are constantly evolving. Scroll down to hear about some of the most recent changes to NCD.


The starting place for the NCD Journey.  Download a 21 page introductions in PDF format.  Intro to the books & resources, the NCD Church Survey, and the 8 Quality characteristics.

 Prepare to conduct the Survey, download the Survey Forms, and produce the reports.  The first step is to register with NCD Canada to open an NCD Church Survey account.

 Books and Tests in The 3 Color discipleship Series for individuals and groups to apply the growth principles in their lives.

 Purchase Test Tokens.

NOW! Training

NOW! Resources

In 2012 we introduced two new books in the 3 Color Discipleship SeriesThe 3 Colors of Community and The 3 Colors of Leadership. Along with these were the corresponding online 3 Color Tests: the Communal Test and the Empowerment Test. Also in 2012 we introduced the new reporting for the NCD Church Survey and online processing.  And this year we have introduced a new online version of the most popular Test in the 3 Color series, the 3 Color Gift Test. The detailed version of the Empowerment Test is now available which allows a leader to see detailed reporting at the question and characteristic level, and to compare more than one profile to track progress. Keep coming back to see what other Tests or versions of Tests are being added. Find out more about the Tests and how to order Test-Tokens.
Whether you’re new to Natural Church Development (NCD), or you’ve been working on health and growth since 1998 when NCD was first introduced in Canada, we hope you’ll find what you, your group, your congregation or your denomination needs to assist you with the next phase of your journey.  If you don’t, please contact at us through the Contact Us page, by phone (905-753-2420) or by email (